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  • Being an Active Citizen
    This website provides information and resources for high school students to become active citizens and for teachers to access citizenship teaching resources (Teaching resource binders are free!). Being an Active Citizen enhances present BC Social Studies curriculum on law, government and citizenship. It is a sequential five-year program with 10 lessons per year for grades 7-11. The binder contains all the materials for each grade. The website is: and it can also be accessed from
  • Local Government in BC: A Community Effort (2012)  (under Publications, then Local Governments in BC). This booklet provides an excellent overview of local government in BC in an easy to read, colourful, graphically illustrated format. If your community is in need of a succinct guide to how local governments operate and how community members can get involved, this booklet may be just what you need. Perfect for newly elected officials, the general public, schools or presentations.
  • Local Government in BC- 4th Edition by Bish and Clemens (2008) [PDF]
    A complete primer on all levels of local government, from cities and regional districts to towns, villages and school districts, this volume examines how each government works and its role in our society.Local Government in British Columbia raises some important questions, i.e.: how effectively does your community manage its water supply, road construction or fire department? This is an indispensable tool for public servants, community groups, or anyone interested in how the system works and how it could work better.
  • Regional District Toolkit (2005)
    Download from: Publications/RD Toolkit)The First Edition of the Regional District Tool Kit is a resource developed by the Union of BC Municipalities in cooperation with the Ministry of Community Services and the Local Government Management Association of BC, to promote a better understanding of regional districts in British Columbia.Regional districts are unique to British Columbia and are an integral part of the province’s local government system. Many different groups rely upon, interact with or work within regional districts. Despite their importance however, regional districts are not always well understood. The Regional District Tool Kit is intended to promote the “health” of regional districts by improving understanding of what they are and how they operate.
  • Successful Governance: A Resource for Boards of Education
    Key Work Resources is a publication of the British Columbia School Trustees Association. It explains what it is that school trustees are elected to do: they are elected to improve student achievement. Trustees do it by engaging their communities in building and maintaining a school system that reflects local priorities, values and expectations. They listen to their communities, guide the work of their school district by setting a plan, policy and the annual budget, and report back to the public on the progress being made in improving student achievement.

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